ORANGE YARNS was established in the year 2003, when every company was in a need to be globalized, but they were not able to get the right sources where they can trust and do business.

So OY (Orange Yarns) has decided to build up a strong supplier sources around the world for mainly all kind of yarns and to maintain relation with them by giving regular business, so that the buyers who are interested to import will contact only one source i.e, is OY, where they can get all what they want with the best provided service.


ORANGE YARNS are doing regular visits to suppliers and buyers around the world, to maintain relation with them and also with that they understand there requirement and the way they work, which is very helpful to have long term relationships.

We Deal

ORANGE YARNS always deal with big suppliers who are well known around the world and also there quality is of first quality (AA Grade) and also due to long term relation with them they have the best prices from them for their regular customers and delivery can be arranged before regular time to satisfy the needs of customers. OY is working with the best team who is taking care of all financial/documents/shipments follow-up and updates the same to their buyers and suppliers time to time to have clarity for each and every order.

ORANGE YARNS was established in the year 2003. We’ve worked to foster an open, cooperative, and dynamic workplace and a flexible environment in which everyone can thrive. While the ultimate measure of any company is its bottom line, Orange Yarns has worked to create a climate that guides our business development as well as our relations with our team members and community.

Our Goal

ORANGE YARNS has a Goal to be the leading indenting agent by providing the best price, quality and service to their customers around the world and to satisfy them in all terms. They are also working hard to make sure that all who are connected to them should have good business in future with every deal they make.